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What is relative path and absolute path?

Absolute path : Exact path from root directory.Relative path  : Relative to the current path.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Mar 6th, 2005
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Answered On : Sep 25th, 2005

absolute path is from home directory to user directory..but relative path is from present working directory to user directory..bye-Siva

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Answered On : Nov 4th, 2005

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Ex:Say, your current working directory is /home/ramaIf there is sub-dir called scripts here, thenthe absolute path for the sub-dir is /home/rama/scriptsandrelative path is scripts or ./scripts (relative to /home/rama)

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Answered On : Feb 15th, 2006

Absolute path is a complete path, which starts from /.relative path is the path relative to current working directory

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Absolute path describes the path traversed from home directory ie /homerelative path describes the path traversed from current working directory ie /.

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Answered On : Feb 6th, 2007

Absolute path= main directory(say eg: YOU is a main directory )relative path=YOU / ME(here ME is sub-directory)

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Answered On : Dec 17th, 2007

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Hi.I have a folder icon with the following code and path inside the desktop.ini inside the folder:[ViewState]Mode=Vid=FolderType=MusicLogo=[.ShellClassInfo]IconResource=D:MusicCarlos Santanasantana.ico,0If I now change the path to .santana.ico,0 or .santana.ico or even .santana.ico like described here the folder icon won't show anymore.What I want to do is if the folders gets moved to another PC and the drive letter is then F"  instead of D:  or whatever drive letter there is that the folder icons still show.Please give me a hand here.Thanks in advance,Cheng

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A path is the general form or unique location of stored file and directories.A path can be either relative or absolute (full path).  A full path or absolute path is a path that points to the same location on one file system regardless of working directory or combined path. It is usually written in reference to a root directory.  A relative path is the path related to the current working directory.  We will try to get an idea about absolute and relative path with the help of below example:  Suppose we have following directory:  /abc/def/geh/ijk/lmn/opq/rst/  Above both are examples of absolute path.Lets assume our current working directory is below:/abc/def/geh  We want to change our current directory to ijk which is inside geh.So follow the below commands  /abc/def/geh cd ijk/abc/def/geh/ijk   So for above example / bandana is a relative path directory.  /abc/def/geh/ijk cd /lmn/opq/rst/   Example of absolute path.  In short full path starting from root is called absolute path and subdirectory path is called relative path.

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Answered On : Apr 21st, 2009

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Relative path name is relative to current directory. Following notations are very heplful.1* denotes current directory2** denotes parent directoryAbsolute path name is full path name. Each directory along the path from the root directory to the desired file is specified. Must begin with / with derectories separated by/

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Answered On : Jul 25th, 2009

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Absolute path: Exact path from root directory to the target directory.Relative path: Path for current directory to target directory.

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