How do you prepare Test Data for your current project?

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Dileep Kumar

  • Sep 20th, 2006

Hi all,

Assume that our project is a banking project. To test a banking project first of all we need some data like accounts, users, calculations for interest..... So we'll prepare this data before executing the test cases itself. with out creating an account we can't check whether the money can be deposited or not? whether the money can be transferable from one account to another one or not?

If it is an application like gmail. first of all we'll create the test data for username, password fields ......... while executing the test cases we'll check those fields with this data.


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  • Oct 4th, 2006


I think i would add some more details to it. While preparing test data we can consider methodoogies like Equivalence partitioning or boundary value analysis if it is a black box testing.

For eg: if the age field is restricted for under 18, the test data can be 3, 35 150... where we take data from each class as 0-17, 17-120(average age assumed to be valid), more than 120.

For BVA, it is 0, 17,120 ie., checking the boundary of the class, where errors might happen.

This is simple eg.. might get complex as per requirement.

Correct me if im wrong

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  • Jan 7th, 2007

Humm i would like to add some more comments..

Test Data is entirely depends on the Type of project and live data.

Far example, some time we may need to check TFN or SSN number. For this we cant prepare a dummy data to check, we need some existing TFN or SSN numbers, these details we have get from Client.  

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