How does one translate characters in UNIX operating system?

This is done by using the tr command in UNIX operating system. This command in UNIX is used for translating characters from standard input.
The general syntax of this command is:
tr character_from character_to
That is in above character_from and character_to can take one or more single characters. The character_from denotes the input character and whatever is found in this character_from is translated to character_to. The final translated character or output is written to standard output which is the terminal
The above is the general syntax of this tr command but there are also many options in this tr command . To name a few are namely:
tr command with – c option complement the character_from specified.
tr command with – d option delete the character_from specified and do not perform the operation of translate.
tr commad with –t option is used to truncate length of character_from to length of character_to

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