Difference between routing protocol and routed protocol?

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Anil Kumar Jena

  • Sep 14th, 2006

Routed protocol:Any protocol that provides enough information in its network layer adress to allow a packet to be forwarded from host to host base on the adressing scheme.Routed protocols define the format and use of the fields within a packet.Packets generally are conveyed from end system to end system.The Internet protocol(IP) is an example of a routted protocol.

Routing protocol:Support a routed protocol by providing mechanisms for sharing routing information.Routing protocol messages move between routers.A routing protocol allows the routers to communicate with other routers to update and maintain tables.Examples of routing protocols are Routing Information,Enterior gateway routing protocol(IGRP),Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(EIGRP),and open shortest Pathe first(OSPF).


  • Dec 1st, 2006

Routed Protocol - Monitor the traffic of the network. (IP, IPX)

Routing Protocol - Taking the routin. information from one node to another node of network. (RIP , OSPF).


  • Dec 30th, 2006

routed protocol is the one which the basic format and can be transmitted from one network to another.it is the basic structure like IP.

routing protocol is the one which is required to carry the routed protocols to the network destinations.EIGRP,IGRP


  • Jan 4th, 2007

Routed Protocols are
IPX/IP-              Internet Packet Exchange/Internet Protocol (Windows Platform)
SPX-                  Sequence Packet Exchange(Novell Platform)
APPLE TALK  Used for apple Systems(Macintos)
Simply it is responsible for trnsmiting packets from host to destination.
Routing Protocols are
IGRP          Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EIGRP        Enhanced IGRP
OSPF          Open Shortest Path First
RIP              Routing Information Protocol
These are used for choosing the best path.

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Puneet Chawla

  • Nov 4th, 2007

Routed Protocols Direct the Lan Segments like IP IPX & Apple Talk..Whereas routing protocols use routed protocols to make their communication possible.(Rip/igrp/IS-IS/ospf/Eigrp)are few routing protocols.

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Pardeep Awasthi

  • Aug 4th, 2011

Routing protocols are used to search the best path between source and destination and Routed protocols are used to send the data from the best path chosen by the Routing protocols..

3Types of Routed Protocols:

1.IP -> Used by Microsoft
1.IP-X -> Used by novell
3.Apple Talk:-> used by Apple.


  • Jul 4th, 2012

IP works with Microsoft.

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  • Jul 4th, 2012

IPX used by NOVELL

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Mohamed nasr

  • Jul 28th, 2012

Routed protocols are the protocols that used with mostly Application, Presentation layers .. etc in other words they deal with your os system and how your PC , Ip phone ... etc will receive the data.
Routing protocols are the protocols that are used by the routers to communicate with each others like OSOP, RIP , EIGRP , ISIS ... etc

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  • May 9th, 2015

routed protocols are TCP and UDP, routing protocols are RIP OSPF EIGRP etc...

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Matthias E

  • Aug 8th, 2015

Routed Protocol are IP, Apple talk, and IPX and it require addressing scheme and host network identification.
Routing Protocol distribute information in all routers on a network

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  • Jan 6th, 2016

ROUTING Protocols - Used by routers to dynamically find the networks and to ensure all routers have the same routing table

ROUTED Protocols - Once all routers know about networks a routed protocol can be used to send use data packets through. They are assigned an interface and determine the method of packet delivery.

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Monisha Munivel

  • Jul 9th, 2017

Routing Protocol: It is used to recognise and start the best path for the data communication
Routed Protocol: It is used to transfer the data for the selected path

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