What is the difference between BRI and PRI Port?

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  • Sep 12th, 2006

BRI PORT -2B Chan1D Chan(Basic rate Interface)


         1D ----16Kbps

PRI Port----24Bchan 1D chan(primary rate Interface)


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D. Vignesh

  • Sep 25th, 2006

Both BRI (Basic Rate Interface) and PRI (Primary Rate Interface) provide multiple digital bearer channels over which temporary connections can be made and data can be sent.


ISDN BRI services 2 B channels (64 kbps) and one D channel (16 kbps). The total bandwidth is 144 kbps.

In North America ISDN PRI service is PRI T1 total bandwidth 1.544 Mbps ( 23 B channel with 64 kbps + 1 D channel with 64 Kbps)

In Europe  ISDN PRI service is PRI E1 total bandwidth 2.048 Mbps (30 B channel with 64 kbps + 1 D channel with 64 Kbps)


  • Jan 22nd, 2007


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BRI ( Basic Rate Interface) ? 2B+1D i.e 2 bearer channels of 64 kbit/s and 1 data channel of 16 kbits/s . The B channels are used for voice or user data, and the D channel is used for any combination of: data, control/signalling and X.25 packet networking. The two B channels can be bonded together giving a total data rate of 128 kbit/s. BRI is the kind of ISDN interface most likely to be found in residential service.PRI (Primary Rate Interface) ? This type of interface carries multiple number of voice and data transmission (T1 ? 23B +1D) & (E1 - 30B+1D). These are geographically divided as in T! is used in North America and Japan wheares Europe, Australia andrest of the world uses E1. More higher capacities are available in the form of T3 & E3.So the basic difference between BRI & TRI in simpler terms is for usage as in residential connections use BRI?s and medium to large scale enterprises use PRI.

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ISDN comes in two speeds BRI and PRI, BRI has a max bandwidth of 128k over two 64K B channels. PRI has a maximum or 1.544 Mbps over 23 channels each of which support 64k

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Basic rate interface, it is a only two channel of 64 kbps, BRI using only video conference system,

PRI.... primary rate interface its is a 30 channel,

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I think there is one significant difference: PRI provides greater bandwidth. That is why it is usedwith telephone systems, like Ozeki Phone System XE. I was thinkin about to use this telephone system, Ive read a lot of good things about it.
I provide you a page where you can get more info on PRI. I really hope it helps.

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