How to write tets cases for electric bulb please explain me in brief

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  • Sep 6th, 2006

Test cases for electric bulb:

1) The bulb should be of required shape and size

2) Should be able to be fitted and removed from the holder

3) Should sustain the voltage for which it is designed for

4) Should glow on switching on

5) Should not glow on switching off

6) Should glow with reqd illumination (correct me if wrong)

7) Life of the bulb should meet the requirement

Malathi Reddy.Y

  • Sep 16th, 2006

Anoop u mentioned all test cases but i think these are also need  

1.Holder and sachet should be present to test the bulb

2.Check electricity connection should be there for that holder.

3.Check whether electricity is passing through that wire or not 

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  • Sep 25th, 2006

i think still more cases are there

1)check the colour appearance of the bulb

2) check the colour of light  which it makes (illuminates)

3)check the time it takes to blow

4) check the max life of bulb

5) check  if switch on and switch off suddenly what will happen

6) check the power consumption

7) check the initial voltage it takes to blow

8) check if voltage vary suddenly what will happen (increase or decrease)

9) check  what will happen when switch on bulb in less voltage

10) check max heat dissipate when bulb is on 

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Test Cases For Electric Bulb

1.Check whether the bulb is fitted to the bulb attacher
2.Check whether the bulb glows when there is power supply
3.Check whether the light vision be very high
4.Check it is handled very carefuly
5.Check whether the bulb is made of only glass particles
6.Check whether the bulb can be any colour
7.Check whether the bulb glows for many months then it is suddenly not glows

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Ambili Tester

  • Dec 16th, 2011

With bulb:
filament is not broken.
holder nibs are available.

With holder:

With switch:
glows when ON
not glowing when OFF
glows as per the volt.

With power:
performance when no power?
performance with low voltage?
perfromance when switch is turned oN/off frequently?

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