The age of the grand lady is between 50-70 where each of her son has as many sons as many brothers he has. The grand lady's age is equal to the number of sons and grand sons. What is the age of the grand ladyPlease along with Answer send the approach to solve this ques

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  • Sep 2nd, 2006

solve this problem by making a the lady s age is the sum of his sons and grand sons and the range is 50-70 so the answer which fits in is 7 that way lady's age is 7*8=56

suresh kumar

  • Sep 6th, 2006

let the number of sons she has be x.

Each son has x-1 brothers.Each son has x-1 sons.

the number of sons and grand sons=x+((x*(x-1)).This is equal to the age of the woman.The age is between 50-70 is given.

x+x^2-x=p--->x^2=p------>where p is the age of the woman.

there is only one perfect square number between the number is 64.

age is 64

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