What is meant by Build in Testing?

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  • Sep 4th, 2006

Firstly, Build is the output generated by source code compilation along with necessary files.Intial testing carried out on the build, is Smoke testing, this done to check the stability I.e whether further testing can be carried out on this build.EX: A network application is built to access the desktop or server remotely which is built using C/C++ technology, the prototype software(build) is .exe form .Smoke testing:Verify whether the desktop/server can be accessed remotely and it does not crash while accessing the desktop/server, based on which the further testing like video transfer ,performance time for refresh data transfer speed etc...can be carried out.

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  • Sep 4th, 2006

Built is the applicationthat we get after the unit and integration is completed by the developers.On this we have to perform the system testing

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  • Sep 6th, 2006

 build is nothing but a executable code created in the testing environment.

abhishek chakhiyar

  • Oct 12th, 2006

Build is the output of coding phase,

we can say that

built is the binary code which is to executed by test eng.

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  • Aug 14th, 2014

Build is a software that converts source code in to application format.

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  • Dec 26th, 2014

It is a executable set of code file for the s/w application handed over to the tester to test the developed functionality

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  • Dec 27th, 2014

build is a developed software. initially some part of code is developed and then test it and then remaining some part of code is developed and the test it. It means that developers + testers is called build

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