I have a master page . I am trying to integrate an user control ( which has a calender control and a textbox and on selecting the date from the calender control , the respective date is displayed into the textbox) into the master page it is selecting the date into the textbox but on click event it is unable to recognize the date value selected from the calender contol..The user control is working properly while running independently but while integration into the masterpage it is not woking....Can anybody help me in this regard...

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  • Sep 1st, 2006

for user control date picker control

place textbox control ,button control and calendor control

1.by default visible false the calendor control

2. During button click visible the calendor control

3. select the date and place the date in the text box and visible false the calendor control

this controls are formated by html

in the master form drag the user control while running it looks like a date time picker control

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