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How do we capture Web table and write a script for Webtable using QTP 8.2

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 25th, 2006
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Uday Kumar. A

Answered On : Aug 28th, 2006

We can capture the web table creating standard checkpoint in QTP.This check point will compate the present data in the web table, and the data at run time.To view the individual elements in a web table follow the below navigation:Click Record button->Insert->check point->Standard check point->Click on a web table(It shows you the hirarchy of that web element)->Select the web table that you want to view the content.We can get the value of any of the web element in this web table by using:cellData=browser("aaa").page("bbb").webtable("ccc").getcelldata(rowno,colno)Now this cellData will have the value of the web element.  

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Answered On : Dec 20th, 2006

Hi,Apply standard checkpoint on the webtable. Now this will add statement in QTP. Remove checkpoint function and use any other functions like childitems for that webtable.Thanks and Regards,Kaivalya

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