How will u know that the testcase written by you is correct before your testing goes to live

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  • Aug 30th, 2006

Tester role is : To develop test cases and execute testcases & also participate a role in defect tracking..... After u developing the testcases,u send these TC to Team Lead ,He's decide that TC is correct format (R) not.....Correct if its wrong

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by review process we can know whether testcases written are correct or not

reviews will be of two types peer - peer reviews and managerial reviews, peer - peer reviews, done by the peers in a team and managerial review done by team lead. depending upon the review checklist and functional specification we do reviews

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Aruna Kumar G

  • Sep 5th, 2006

Before test case design, Requirements should be freeze. After freesing the requirements, Tester begin to desing test cases.

Reviews among test team. Team exchange their test cases. These reviews depends on CHECH LIST prepared by PM/Test Lead/ORGANIZATION DEFAULT CHECKLIST.

Depends on review comments given by team mates you have to update test case. Finally test cases would be freezed..That will be final test case design.

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  • Dec 19th, 2006


 The written test case has been compared with the specification

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After writing test cases, Seniors or TL will review those test cases and comments if there are any mistakes and after conformation that they are correct they will approve those test cases so that we can go further to do testing on application. 

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