What do you mean by Bank Reconsilation Statement?

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Tejinder Khatkar

  • Aug 18th, 2006

bank rencilation statements are prepared  if balance of bank account as shown in cash book differs from balance as shown in passbook. this statement shows the reasons or transactions because of which balances as shown in cash book and pass book are not tallying with each other.


  • Aug 20th, 2006

BRS (Bank Reconciliation Statement) is a statement which completes the tallying work of Bank account with that of Cash account.  I believe that this is not that important when we deal with House Bank.(Correct me please)

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  • Feb 1st, 2007

to adjust the difference between bank passbook and company cash book is calles brs

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  • Jun 8th, 2007

bank reconciliation statement means uncleared deposited & issued cheques.

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