What are the components of physical database structure of Oracle database

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nishit patel

  • Mar 12th, 2005

totally there are 6 files(components) of physical database structure.3 mandatory & 3 optional.Three mandatory files are :1> datafile : store actual data 2> control file : strores stuctural & status information of database.3> redolog file : stores changed/committed dataThree optional files are :4> parameter file : strores all size related parameters note : this file is mandatory for a1st time u create a database, then it is optional. 5> archivelog file : its offline copy of redolog files6> password file : used to make normal user to behave as a super user.Best Of Luck,Questions & Doubts are most welcome.By Nishit Patel.mailid : nishitptl@yahoo.co.in


  • Jul 9th, 2005

ORACLE database is comprised of three types of files. One or more Data files, two are more Redo Log files, and one or more Control files.

Taral Desai

  • Sep 2nd, 2005

1. control files 
2. init file 
3 log files 
4 redo/archive log files 
5 data files 


  • Sep 12th, 2005

physical components of oracle database are control files,redo log files and datafiles.

Control file: control file is read in the mount state of database. control file is a small binary file which records the physical structure of database which includes

  • database name
  • names and locations of datafiles and online redo log files.
  • timestamp of database creation
  • check point information
  • current log sequence number.

Redo log files: This files saves all the changes that are made to the database as they occur. This plays a great role in the database recovery.

Datafiles:datafiles are the physicalfiles which stores data of all logical structure.

The components are

Data files
Redo log files
Control files
Data files are used to store all the database objects which are administered by the oracle system.
Redo log files contain records of all database changes which are carried out in the course of transactions
Control files record information about physical structure of database

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  • Jan 8th, 2007

Components of Physical database are:-

1. Datafile -- One or more

2. Redo log file -- Two or more

3. Control File --- Two or more



  • Jan 28th, 2008

The database when made in oracle 10g consists a minimum of
----Two datafiles on the two manadatory tablespaces system and sysaux
----Control file multiplexed or not (Oracle recommends three)
----two online redolog files with atleast one member each.

Apart from the physical componenets mentioned above orcale database also consists of
---password file,
---parameter file and or spfile,
---and other datafiles depending on the application.


  • Feb 12th, 2008

The physical components of the database consists of
                  Datafiles -- which contains the actual data of the database and minimum two datafiles are must in a database
                  Redo log files -- which contains the latest transaction in the database and minimum two redo log files are must in a database
                  Control files -- which contains the valuable information of the database which includes database name, SCN number, location of datafiles, location of redo log files


  • Mar 3rd, 2009

Components of Physical database are:-

1. Datafile -?One or more
2. Redo log file - Two or more
3. Control File -?Two or more

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  • Dec 22nd, 2009

The physical structure of ORACLE database consists of three major components.
They are:
1. control files
2. redo log files
3. data files

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  • Feb 18th, 2010


           Oracle Physical Database Structure consist of Datafiles, Controlfile  & Online Redo Log files.

           Logical Structure consist of Tablespaces and its components inclusive of tables.

Dharmedra Jaiswal.

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