In a four team foot-ball tournament, all the teams played each Other in three rounds of matches as shown in the Table - A. Some of The results of the tournament are shown in the Table - B. Using the Clues given below, please fill in the blank columns in the result Table - B (Goals for & Goals Against?). Note : Two points for win, one point for draw & zero points for defeat are awarded. Clues : 1. East zone won the tournament despite scoring one less goal than the runners-up. 2. North zone scored an odd number of goals in their first round Game. 3. South zone, who failed to score in their final match, were beaten by a two-goal margin in the first round. 4. East zone lost their match aginst west zone. 5. All four teams scored goals in the second round matches. 6. West zone scored the same number of goals against east zone as North zone scored aginst them. East zone scored four goals in round two match. Table - A (Matches Played) Round 1 North zone vs South zoneWest zone vs east zone. Round 2 South zone vs West zoneEast zone vs North zone Round 3 South zone vs East zoneWest zone vs North zone. Table - B (Results) Played Won Draw Lost Golas For Goals Against PointsEast Zone 3 - - - ? 3 4North Zone 3 - - - ? ? 4West Zone 3 - - - 4 3 3South Zone 3 - - - 2 5 1

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