What is s_party table and what is role of it

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raju irlapati

  • Jul 11th, 2006


S_party table serves as party table for all party business components.

For using this s_party table  performance purpose. when u r use these s_party tabel performance incressing. S_party having implicity joins.

s_party tables are there types

1) personal relatd entities: contact, employee, user, partner

2) position: access group, user list,

3) organisation : Accounts,division,organisation.



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  • Jul 31st, 2006

RE: what is  s_party  table  and what is  role of  it

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Mohamed Warsame

  • Aug 2nd, 2006

S_Party and its extension tables are used to store data for many business components. S_Party serves as the base table for all party business components.

S_Party has multiple extention tables that store the business data for the party business component.

Good Luck

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  • Aug 31st, 2006


S_PARTY table is base table for all Party Bussiness componets and stores the Party name & Party type,

Party bussiness componets are:


Party table having Implesit Joins



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  • May 31st, 2007

S_PARTY table is the base table for those following BC's

Contact,Account,User,Position,Business Units,Households

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Is a base table for all extension and his role to is use to implementing M:M relationships between two party business components where you get define access control

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  • Jun 7th, 2010

s_party is a base table for all party Business component.  Party business component segregates the data according to the person, position and contact.

The relationship between s_party and fields under person, position, contact acts a 1:1 (relationship)


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  • Nov 14th, 2011

S_PARTY concept introduced in the versions after Siebel 6. The main use of S_PARTY is to increase the performance and reduce the redundancy of the data.

S_PARTY started with the concept of normalisation which is a RDBMS concept.

1) Advantage is the singularity of the person. We know that you,

Mr.XYZ, are a person, right? However, to properly, and completely represent

you in Siebel 6, you would have to appear as a Contact and Employee. You would have to be entered twice. S_PARTY removes this redundancy.

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  • Dec 14th, 2011

The main objective of introducing S_PARTY Table or party model is to provide better Access Control Mechanism and to improve performance of the system.

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