There are 100 men in town. Out of which 85% were married, 70% have a phone, 75% own a car, 80% own a house. What is the maximum number of people who are married, own a phone, own a car and own a house ?

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  • Jul 11th, 2006

As the question is to find the maximum it should be 70 people as the person having phone is 70% and this is the maxim possiblty of having all these things.


  • Jul 17th, 2006


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  • Jul 17th, 2006

85% are married means 15% are unmarried75% own a car means 25% does not have car 80% own a housemeans 20% does not total 15+25+20=60% people does not have either one of above!remaining 40% people are married, own a phone, own a car and own a house plz check out this answer !


  • Nov 9th, 2006

Hi ,This is the approach, p(M)=85/100p(M' )=1-(85/100)=15/100similarlyp(P' )=30/100p(c' )=25/100p(h')=20/100no of persons who dosent have all the four =15/100+30/100+25/100+20/100 =90/100percent who speaks all the four = 1- (90/100) =10/100 so answer is 10 %

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