Amy and other 4 sister each have different interests one studies a different language (spanish) one learns a different music instrument (harp) and another one has the habit of collecting (old stamps). You have to find each sisters interests with the following clues 1. One sister learns Russian and has the habit of collecting old buttons.2. One sister learns German and plays flute.3. Anne collects coin.4. Andrea plays violin but does not learn French.5. Alice learns piano.6.The girls learning Piano has the habit of collecting butterfly.7. Then angela and the other sister who has the habit of collecting rocks go out for shopping.During that period the sister learning Piano stays inside home and other one learning French also stays home and another sister learning Guitar also stays home. With all these condition you have to find out the following name Amy Anne Andrea Alice AngelaInstrumentLanguageCollectionTotally they have mentioned 4 Languages, 5 Music Instruments and 5 Different Habits.


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