How can you take snapshot/screen shots in case of manual testing and how can you attach it to the test case?

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use print screen button and paste it in paint

attach against the specific test case in the comments column or if u r using test director or bugzilla, we have a field as attachment

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  • Dec 14th, 2006

we can take the Snap Shot by using the Print Screen and paste paint.

Another method of Snap Shot can be Send by Buzalio or Test directorand finally mail as a attachment.

sudhakar kolla,



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  • Oct 8th, 2009

For taking Snapshot/Screen shot you can use Print screen button and paste it in Paint and save as .jpeg file.
If you are using application for writing test cases you can attach the picture file to the test cases.
If you are usinf Excel for writing test cases you can paste the picture by using Insert-Picture (insert from File).
One thing why you want to attach Snapshot/Screen shot for Test Case.

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