How to run concurrent request from an after report trigger in a report? (This report runs as a concurrent program, but this should launch another concurrent program to run after its execution based on its request ID as parameter to the next cocurrent program)

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  • Nov 8th, 2006


                    Were u able to get the answer for ur question. If so could u please let me know. I have to kick off a shell script from the after report trigger. Thanks in advance.


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To call a concurrent program from after report trigger of the report one can not use fnd_request.submit_request deirectly. But one must use the following:

1. If this is a custom report then in the "before report trigger" you need to set the SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWINIT');
this will set conc request id and other env variables for the report.

2. You shall have to define a user parameter of type number by the name P_CONC_REQUEST_ID. you can read/pass the value of this parameter as :P_CONC_REQUEST_ID in after report trigger.In the after report trigger put SRW.USER_EXIT('FND SRWEXIT'); before the trigger ends.

3. Make sure the parameters you are passing to the fnd_request.submit_request are correct...the application short name and concurrent-prog short names should be valid. 

These changes will make u to submit concurrent program.



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