What is the difference between Business Requirement Document and Use case Document. What is the difference. I need a good BRD and UC template.

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  • Jul 6th, 2006

BRD Describes the business information of the client.once we are clear abt BRD of the client then only we can create more acurate solutions.this is the initial document that helps to create Business models in Cognos and ReportNet.Actually this information we are getting by KT(Knowledge Transfer) session.  

Usecase Document helps to create test case document during unit testing ,actually use case document contains testcase id and i/p values that should use during testing , we are using this id only in Test case document instead of specifying all these i/p values and some other ,that id itself describing all that.so we can say use case is the foundation document for test case document.

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  • May 8th, 2008

BRD is the document which reflect behavior of a business function. While UC is the collection of possible (relevant) scenario that apply to user of the system to achieve a goal. On other word UC serves as the basis for building the BRD

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  • Sep 12th, 2008

A requirements document defines the business needs for a project. A Use Case Document defines the behavior of a system given a set of user interactions.

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  • Dec 1st, 2009

The UC is more technical analysis, the business requirement document is a word document which includes business analysis

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