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i have some queries that i have one project in bussiness objects, like computer pheripheral(nrps) for sales, in that i have face question like what is the main objectives of ur projects

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jun 24th, 2006
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Answered On : Jun 27th, 2006

Your objectives for this project will be your Report Requirements. whatever the requirements are baselined, you will develop the universes & create simple, complex reports. Requirements can be :Standard sales reports -- Location wise, product line /category wise etc.Complex Reports -- some reports using multi-data providers, report level variables & using report enhancements with the help of SDKs(.NET /JAVA)Ad-Hoc Reports -- Misc. reports which end users can create using your universes & are not the part of your Standard Reports.& Overall Objective will be -----------------Empowering the Key Decision Makers with historical Information in accurate, consistant,analytical format of flexible Reports (reports that can be sliced & diced as per requirements) for accurate & predictive Strategic Decision making.Hope this helps you,Cheers,Patrick.

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