Is there any Frame work for Descriptive programing

Qtp is not identifying any object in the application so i thought of going to descriptive programming how do u use this with the frame work which is already existing? and more features to use descriptive programming?

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There is no specific frame work for the Descriptive programing. When the qtp is not able to recognize the object we need to go for Low level recording. It will treat the object as winobject/webobject

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D.V.Narasimha Rao

  • Jun 13th, 2006

Hi Shruthi,

Discriptive Programming is all about identifying an object uniquely . and there is no defined frame work for it. Frmae work depends on the project.

The best Approach is to SPY the properties and identify the properties which uniquely identifies it and write the code

I think I answered your question

ask me if u have any doubts




  • Apr 17th, 2007

To use descriptive programming, QTP should be able to recognize the objects in the application.

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  • Oct 31st, 2007

Hi all,

I know how to create a checkpoint to an object in keyword view using recording and active screen of application.

I tried to create a  standard checkpoint to an object in expert view using descriptive programming like this.

browser("mercury tours").page("login").checkcheckpoint("agentname").
browser("mercury tours").page("login").webedit("agentname").set"mercury"

Try to run the above , displays message object is not in repository though object exists in object repository.
Can some one please provide step by step procedure to create a checkpoint using descriptive programming.

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