Hi, How to sort the data in gatagrid ? when we use DataBound event of Datagrid,,,, I want to display the data using controls.... For an example, If i click a button, which is outside of the datagrid, entire data should be shown. 1st column in TextBoxs. second column in Drop down List Boxs.. How to bind the data in Dropdownlist,which is in DataGrid at run time? Row1 Row2 Row3 Row4 ----------------- This is the record in datagrid... When we click button (Bottom of the DataGrid), This Record should be shown... Row1 in TextBox,,, Row2 in TextBox, Row3 in DropDownlistbox, Row4 in TextBox... How to do this? Which event we should use?... Please let me know the code for this ... Thanks in Advance... Ravi

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  • Mar 24th, 2009

Use the Itemtemplate column type and drag the controls whichever you want. Bind the control with the  database coloumn name (ex: eval("fldticketid")).

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Once u got list which needs to be displayed in Datagrid.
First add controls to the grid and find the control in the grid and assign value to it.
These things can be done in on rowbound event.

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