What r the Graph parameter?

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  • Jun 9th, 2006


The graph paramaters are one which are added to the respective graph. You can added the graph parameters by selecting the edit>parameters from the menu tab. Here's the example for the graph parameters.

If you want to run a same graph for n number of files in a directory, You can assign a graph parameter to the input file name and you can supply the paramter value from the script before invoking the graph.

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  • Jul 12th, 2006

  There are 2 types of graph parameters in AbInitio

  1. local parameter 

  2. Formal parameters.(those parameters working at runtime)


  Balaji Venigalla

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vijay kumar

  • Sep 5th, 2006

where we use local parameter and formal

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  • Sep 25th, 2006


The Parameters that are private to a graph are called Graph Parameters.
They can't be used for all the graphs present in the Sandbox ie. they are limited to the graph for which they have been defined.
You can add the graph parameters by selecting the edit>parameters from the menu tab.
Graph level parameters can be further classified as
-Local Parameters
-Formal Parameters

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  • Nov 23rd, 2016

Can you explain both local and formal parameters with an example

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  • May 15th, 2017

1) Local parameter and 2) Global parameter

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  • Sep 11th, 2017

Local and Input parameter
local are handled by users while input parameters are handled by developers.

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