What is the difference between dao,rdo and adoexplain simply ?

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dao is data access object used for accessing data before ado it was used for database installed on same sys where the application resides.

Rdo Remote data object this was used for accessing remote data

Ado Active data object most powerful till date it is nothing but combination of both DAO and RDO

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  • Oct 12th, 2006

DAO - direct access object can be used to access Microsoft Access only, not for any other database while ADO can be used for different databases

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Swapna Gentyala

  • Oct 30th, 2006

DAO, Data Access Objects are used to access databases like foxpro, ISAM s( Indexed Sequential Access Mechanism). They are used earlier. they are used for small applications lilke stand alone.RDO, Remore Data Objects are used to access remote databases like Access also. they use ODBC drivers. ADO, Active Data Objects are used to access any databases they can even handle large objects. They use OLEDB driver.

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  • Nov 24th, 2006

DAO came first, and was bundled with Microsoft Access, but it can be used to access other databases as well, but RDO is a better set of objects for accessing other types of remote databases. Both have been superceded by ADO (or ADODB) which are thread-safe and provide more functionality than the earlier DAO and RDO, including disconnected record-sets.

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  • Jan 18th, 2017

Can database scheme be changed with DAO, RDO or ADO?

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