What is the difference b/w java & Javax files?

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  • May 12th, 2006

why the difference b/w java & javax files?

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  • May 14th, 2006

javax are the extension packages

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Charu Dua

  • May 24th, 2006

The 'java' package are known as standard java package and the 'x' was added to 'java' package to release this package as extension package in java1.2 but as the market demands that this release contains dramatic changes so it should be promoted to java2.0 . And in the promotion all the packages were supposed to release as 'java' so they removed 'x' from all the packages.But 20,000+ deevelopers were affected by this change as they have to change all the import statement containing 'javax' to 'java' .So ultimately sun decided to release it as 'javax' only.

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  • Jun 14th, 2006

hello, i am not clear with this.

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  • Jan 19th, 2012

Javax is the extension for the java packages

  1. javax.swing extension for java.awt

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Java is the extension of C++ language and javax files are those where it stores the entire program for execution in the form of files and termed as javax files

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Lakshmi Prasanna

  • Aug 30th, 2017

java.* packages are the core Java language packages, meaning that programmers using the Java language had to use them in order to make any worthwhile use of the java language.
javax.* packages are optional packages, which provides a standard, scalable way to make custom APIs available to all applications running on the Java platform.

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