What is difference between packet switching and circuit switching ?

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  • May 26th, 2006

1.circuit switching statically reserves the required bandwidth in advance whereas packet switching acquires & releases it as it is needed.

2.With circuit switching any unsed bandwidth on a allocated circuit is just waisted.with packet switching it may be utilised by other packets .

3.Circuit switching needs to set up an end to end path before any data can be sent.

4.When packet switching is used it is straight forward for router to provide speed and code conversion.

5.In packet switching packet may be delivered in the wrong order.

6Packet carriers usually base theier charge on both the no. of bytes(or packets carried and connect time.

7.with circuit switching, the charge is based on the distance and time only, not the traffic.  

Diwakar Agarwal

  • Jul 14th, 2006

1. Circuit switching establishes the predefined path for data to travel from source to destination and vice-versa.whereas, data in packet switching travels different  path from source to destination and vice-versa.
2. Circuit switching reserved some bandwidth for data transmission.whereas, packet switching doesnot.

3. Circuit switching is anology to telephony. whereas, packet switching is anologous to a telegraph.

4. Circuit switching creates congestion. whereas packet switching doesnot ,data travels through any free path.

M.S Arun Kumar

  • Dec 3rd, 2006

In packet-switched networks, the message is broken into packets, each of which can take a different route to the destination where the packets are reassembled into the original message.In Circuit switching the a circuit(a path)will be selected and it will be dedicated for transferring the entire message..

In circuit switching path will be choosen before transmission..which is not in case of packet switching...

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  • Mar 31st, 2009

1. In circuit switching, is a way of establishing a call before another call is being process while in packet switching it create more than double route
2. Packet switching are mostly lables while circuit switching is position base. 

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  • Feb 19th, 2010

Circuit switching establishes fixed bandwidth circuit/channel between nodes and terminals before the users may communicate. Packet switching is a communication in which packet are routed between node over data links shared with other traffic. In each network node, packets are queued in buffered, resulting in variable delay.

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