Reliance Test 23rd April 2006--St Josephs Boys High School

RELIANCE TEST---23rd april 2006--St josephs boys high school

Yeah! every body. Vasundhara from Mechanical Dept.(

*Reach before 30min as they started 10min earler than the given time
***Results may be anounced on same day OR next day @ same venue on a borde.
****It will not be displayed on net.

1st Round
Dam easy some are here
EX(1) 2pens cost 10Rs how many can be brought from 100Rs?
EX(2) if blood is related 2 biology then motion is related 2, options physics,maths,electricity.
EX(3) the tree will always have , options buds,leaves,shadow,roots.
ans>roots AS @ a grown up tree may R may not have buds,in morning it will not have shadow,@winter it will shed leaves,BUT always roots are there.
EX(4)in the series which digit is worng

2nd Round
-->Basic things like
EX(1) inertia
1)resistence due 2 external force 2)resistance due 2 internal stress
3)due 2 external force 4)none
EX(2) Youngs modulas
1)stress/strain 2)true stress/true strain 3)strain/strain 4)none
EX(3)Yeild stress is seen in which of the metals
1)mild steel 2) cast iron 3)Aluminium oxide 4)all of these
EX(4)If a simply supported beam is supported by a pt load @ center then it bends @,
1)center 2)ends 3)uncertain 4)none

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priyam tripathi

  • Apr 26th, 2006

well did every branch hav same set of paper or different papers for different branches

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Shweta Singh

  • May 6th, 2006

nope..everyone had the same apti ppr...but the subject ppr was different for each branch..The apti ppr was damn simple..and even the subject ppr was not all that bad if you strong technically..

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HI..this is rohit discipline is mechanical...could anyone post me questions for a reliance interview especially the second round.. which is technical...

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