What motivates to do your best on the job? Do u like to compete? Idea of success in life? Biggest failure to date?

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  • Sep 30th, 2010

This challenging and fast working environment motivates me to do my best at the job. Only these challenges helps me to learn new things and accomplish my task at my best. They have taught me and will also teach me how to compete with proper time management. My this motivation of competing in this challenging world has brought me here and made me capable of delivering my best to the organisation growth. 

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  • Mar 9th, 2012

Loving the job and heading to be in the highest level in the whole job scoop, competing is very important to be always motivated yes I love it, success in life idea is what keeps you motivated in everything you do, the biggest mistake is to take a particular date as a memory of failure because this will weaken the motivation.

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