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  • Jul 28th, 2006

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A basic MTS architecture is made up of: The MTS Executive (mtxex.dll) The Factory Wrappers and Context Wrappers for each component The MTS Server Component MTS clients Auxiliary systems like: COM runtime services the Service Control Manager (SCM) the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS-DTC) the Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) the COM-Transaction Integrator (COM-TI) etc. COM components that run under the control of the MTS Executive are called MTS components. MTS components are all developed as in-proc DLLs and are implemented as one or more COM components. These components are deployed and run in the MTS Executive which manages them. As is usual with COM components, the object implementing the IClassFactory serves as a Factory Object to create new instances of these components. MTS inserts a Factory Wrapper Object and an Object Wrapper between the actual MTS component that MTS manages, and its Client. Therefore, whenever the client makes a call to the MTS component, the Wrappers (Factory and Object) intercept the call and inject their own instance management algorithm called the Just In Time Activation (JITA) into the call. The wrapper then makes this call on the actual MTS component.

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