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Display the number value in Words?

SQL> select sal, (to_char(to_date(sal,'j'), 'jsp'))
from emp;
the output like,
--------- -----------------------------------------------------
800 eight hundred
1600 one thousand six hundred
1250 one thousand two hundred fifty
If you want to add some text like, Rs. Three Thousand only.
SQL> select sal "Salary ",
(' Rs. '|| (to_char(to_date(sal,'j'), 'Jsp'))|| ' only.'))
"Sal in Words" from emp
Salary Sal in Words
------- ------------------------------------------------------
800 Rs. Eight Hundred only.
1600 Rs. One Thousand Six Hundred only.
1250 Rs. One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty only.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 30th, 2005
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Phani Josyula

Answered On : Aug 30th, 2005

This query works only for the numbers between 1 and 5373484. What should we do if the number is out of this range?

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Answered On : Feb 7th, 2006

What do u mean by 'JSP' & why to_Date for  a number ??

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Mainak Aich

Answered On : Mar 1st, 2006

Hi Kiran, Here the 'j' used as a format in to_date function return the number in julian year.Whereas the 'jsp' used in to_char made the julian year spelled out.i.e. j-julian year and sp-spelling so jsp.Bye....

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Hi Phani Josyula I think we cannot retrive numbers in words using a single querry other than julian option.... but we can create a function for this conversion ...If any one knows another way of conversion using querry other than julian plz send me...

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Answered On : Nov 10th, 2006

This query will also work,suppose if we want to convert 1920 into words,the query is select to_char(to_date(translate(1920,'1','1'),'j'),'jsp') from dual

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Answered On : Mar 9th, 2007

HEY ALL,Try out Using Array...Tanx,Nikhil

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Answered On : Jun 25th, 2008

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In order to display the number values , the best it can be done is with the julian i.e. j and jsp. however, using the translate also returns the same value for whatever value to to_char(to_date(1920,'j'),'jsp') from dual;

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Answered On : Mar 21st, 2012

This answer is no different to
select to_char(to_date(1290,j),jsp) from dual;

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Talal Haider

Answered On : Mar 16th, 2013

Can we convert a number in words without using direct function/method?

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