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What is the difference between servlets and applets?

Servlets are to servers. Applets are to browsers. Unlike applets, however, servlets have no graphical user interface.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jun 30th, 2005
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Denis Wang

Answered On : Jun 30th, 2005

One lives in the server side web container, the other lives in the client side browser.

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Answered On : Oct 3rd, 2005

Applets are extend the browser and Servlets are extend by Webserver.But Applets are not supported to write any info to other file.

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Bhavesh kataria

Answered On : Apr 11th, 2007

Servlet does not have main() method. Instead in the process of handling request, the server dispatches a request to a servlet, it invokes the servlet’s service methodsbut applet have main() method

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Answered On : Apr 23rd, 2007

Applets do not have main() method...

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But Servlet is a Server Side Component. It is a Controller in the MVC architecture, It is used to perform business logic and does not deal with the visual implementation. The visual part is done by using JSP/ velocity.. The Servlets create synchronized access for multiple reuqests and normally dispatch the requests for a particular Model. ex. database access, name resolution etc. The Servlets are run on the Server Side. Servlet has doGet() or doPost() methods that need to be over-rided.You can also have init(), service () and destroy() methods in the lifecycle of a ServletApplets- they determine the visual components,. the applet can interact with the servlet. the applets can be run in the browser, The applets are run on the client side. Applets have init(), start(),stop() and  destroy() methods in the lifecycle of a applet that need to be over-rided.Correct me if I am wrong, 

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Answered On : Sep 30th, 2011

Applet have no main method. It executes in browser
but servlet is a server side program it executes in application server.

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