When i type 'ed' or 'edit' in oracle i did n't presented by any editor,what is the problem?

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  • Mar 6th, 2006

Hi, If you are using Oracle on Linux, then you cannot use ed or edit command to edit statemets. -Aruna


  • Mar 22nd, 2006

Can't use ed or edit to edit commands if you use Oracle on Linux?!?That's bull. All you have to do is define _editor; I use SQL*Plus on Linux all the time and edit works fine.

Asim Jamal

  • Apr 12th, 2006

   If you are using Oracle in Unix or Linux ,make an entry in the

glogin.sql file for your default editor.


You will find glogin.sql in OracleHome/sqlplus/admin directory.

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  • Apr 25th, 2007

there are two way u can give:

1) sql> define_Editor = 'Notepad';

2) go to menu editor editor-> define editor-> give the name that u want to appear i.e notepad or wordpad in the text box.

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  • May 8th, 2007

For Linux or Unix.

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  • Dec 20th, 2012

I got same problem..
I tried above methods its not working... I am using Windows 7


help me on "ed" problem

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  • Dec 22nd, 2012

You just copy the SQLPlusw file and copy in another location and access from that copied file.
I think you will not get the ed or edit problem.

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  • Mar 30th, 2016

Thanks a lot your answer was helpful.

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vipul gupta

  • Mar 22nd, 2017

Is there any way to fix the ed command issue or every time we need to use define_editor=command.
Is there any permanent solution so please tell me.

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  • Dec 11th, 2017

try with ed/

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