What is Automation life cycle

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  • Feb 23rd, 2006

Automation life cycle start with



3:Edit Script(check points)

4:Run Script

5:Analyse Result

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For automation life cyle, in detail is start with ;1. Analysis2. Test Plan3. Using configuration management tool split the project into modules and assign to the tesitng team.4. Reviews and meetings.5. Writting test case.6. Test case reviews.7. Choosing testing tools.8. Using the bug tracking tools, test the application and create the script.9. Run the script.10. find the bugs.11. Store the bugs in to test management tool.12. Prepare the bug report.13. send to the development team.


  • Jun 6th, 2006

testing life cycle: life cycle devided into 2 parts..

pre execution:-#

while execution:-

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  • Jun 29th, 2006

Automation Life Cycle:(here iam saying about winrunner i'm not sure about other tools)

1) Learnig:   Run Rapid Test Script wizard by this it will learn the objects &captures all the Properties of  objects in AUT( Application Under Test)


3)Editing: here we will modify the Recorded scripts By insert checkpoints, synchronization points

4) Run: Running the script in verify mode

5)Analyzing the result : pssed/failed


Bharath Kumar Penimalla


1) Automation Feasibility Study
AUT automation feasibility
Test Case automation feasibility
Tool feasibility

2) Test Strategy
Design about Automation Framework
Schedule, Number of resources,Defining SLA, Defining In-Scope/Out-Scope, Return on Investment

3) Environment Setup
Should be setup in Regression environment,
Comparison Tool, Text Editor, Supporting Tool
AUT access and valid credentials
Implementation of automation framework

4) Test Script Development
5) Test Script Execution
6) Test Result Generation and Analysis


  • May 10th, 2017

Analyze the Application -> select the tool -> identify the scenarios -> design /record the scripts
-> Modify test scripts -> Run the test scripts -> Reporting the defects

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