What is the jdbc and odbc?what is the difference between jar files and bat files

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  • Feb 21st, 2006

JDBC is Java DataBase Connectivity API for making data connection for Data and Java Class.

ODBC is Object DataBase Connectivity driver for Microsoft specification and desktop applications.

JAR : group of java and related files ( Java Archives).

BAT : Batch file is set DOS commands to be execute.

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  • Jun 13th, 2008

JDBC = standard java interface to communicate with a database
ODBC = from Microsoft developed interface to communicate
with a database
JDBC-ODBC driver = an interface where the communication is translated from JDBC to ODBC and the communication after the driver to the database is via ODBC

ODBC is mostly used on Windows plattforms (if you want to connect with a database from C++,Delphi,etc.) , but there are also ODBC drivers for Linux available

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  • Jan 14th, 2009

JDBC: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) provides Java developers with a
standard API (application Programming Interfaces) that is used to access
databases, regardless of the driver and database product. To use JDBC, you'll
need at least JDK 1.1, a database, and a JDBC driver. There are several
characteristics of JDBC:ODBC : ODBC is the acronym for Open DataBase
Connectivity, a Microsoft Universal Data Access standard that started life as
the Windows implementation of the X/Open SQL Call Level Interface specification.

ODBC Driver Manager - an application binds to this generic library which is
responsible for loading the requested ODBC Driver.
ODBC Driver - dynamically loaded by the ODBC Driver manager for making
connection to target Database.

Difference b/w them is

1.ODBC is for Microsoft and JDBC is for java applications.
2.ODBC can't be directly used with Java because it uses a C interface.
3.ODBC makes use of pointers which have been removed totally from java.
4.ODBC mixes simple and advanced features together and has complex options for
simple queries, But JDBC is designed to keep things simple while allowing
advanced capabilities when required.
5.ODBC requires manual installation of the ODBC driver manager and driver on all
client machines. JDBC drivers are written in java and JDBC code is automatically
installable, secure, and portable on all platforms.
6. JDBC API is a natural Java Interface and is built on ODBC. JDBC retains some
of the basic feature of ODBC

prashant kumar

  • Sep 11th, 2016

Clearly explained!! Thank you very much Sir.

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