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difference between oracle 8i and 9i ?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Feb 6th, 2006
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rajat dey

Answered On : Feb 20th, 2006

The major diffferences are-In 9i merge , insert all, case is introduced .In 9i newdatatype called timestampIn 9i you can moniter index using alter index monitering usageor u can check user_objects table from system user.In 9i new performance monitering tools called STATPACK .In 9i You can dynamically change init ora parameter using alter system scope=/path/ of your spfile/pfileIn 9i new concept for undo transaction called UNDO tablespace In 9i by default   TEMP tablespace  is considering while creating new oracle usersIn 9i new partition called LISTIn 9i tablespace next extent can be managed automaticallyregrdsrajat dey

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Answered On : Feb 21st, 2006

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Dear Rajat, CASE statement is already there in Oracle 8i.  So, which version of Oracle r u talking about ?

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Deep Chandra Pandey

Answered On : Mar 28th, 2006

There are many differences between oracle 8i and oracle 9i(1) In oracle 8i default tablespace is dictonary managed while in 9i it is locally managed.(2)Oracle 9i can support 512 PetaByte of data.(3)Oracle can supprt 10,000 concurrent users.(4)oracle 9i provides auto undo segment management.and there a lot difference in oracle 9i and 8i as 9i Support RAC Concept.Thanks and Regards.Deep Chandra PandeyOCPDBA

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arun oommen

Answered On : Aug 30th, 2006

Thanks a lot.

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Answered On : Sep 5th, 2006

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Jawwad Malvi who told u ??? pls verify ....

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Answered On : Sep 7th, 2006

Differeneces between 8i and 9i1. Undo Retention2. Incremental level backup using export and import is not there in Oracle 9i3. Lot of simplified scripts for RMAN backup and Recovery when compared to Oracle 8i4. In Oracle 9i Rollback segments (undo) is managed automatically by Oracle.cheersRaghu

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Answered On : Oct 8th, 2006

Thank u

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Rajendra Thanekar

Answered On : Apr 28th, 2007

1)  connect internal (SVRMGR) is not supported in 9i now you can manage database with SQL*plus.2) SPfile in 9i which is not available in previous version. Helpful for those init parameter those need server reboot.3) SGA is dynamic i.e buffer cache and shared pool can be dynamically increased or decreased.4) by default now table-space are locally managed to improve performance as free space management is done in the header of the data file instead of dictionary.5) Default TEMP table space and default UNDO table space can be specified at the create database statement level.6)dbms_meta data a new package introduced which helps to generate DDL from the database instead of writing PL/SQL Block.7) Multiple block size support.8) Merge statement is introduced in Oracle 9i.9) ANSI Support for join i.e inner-join,outer-join,left-outer join keyword introduced instead of operator (+)10) newly introduced Rollback segment management (UNDO)

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Answered On : Nov 30th, 2008

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8i-materilized views, instead of triggers, support internet, granting of columns
9i-timestamp, rename of column, new datatypes, rank, dense_rank, 9i joins

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