What is the difference between database and data warehousing?What is the main advantages of data warehousingWhat is mean by data stageWhat is the famous tools used for data warehousing?What is the architecture of data warehouisng model?

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  • Feb 15th, 2006

Database is the place where the data is taken as a base and managed to get avialable fast and efficient access.

Dataware house is the place where the application data is managed for analysis and reporting purposes.

sanyam mittal

  • Feb 26th, 2006

Major difference is the historical data which can be maintained in data warehouse instead of keeping it in your real time OLTP(database) system.Also we don't want to decrease the processing time of our oltp server for taking data for reporting and analysis purpose.Now why informatica and why other OLAP tools are required :coz companies don't want to spend lots of money in hiring fulltime database developer to write pl/sql packages and procedure to store all these information in ODS.Therefore,most of the time they hire a short-period informatica/ETL developer to make mapping which is GUI based,easy to maintain and easy to run.


  • Oct 20th, 2006

 RE: what is the difference between database and data w...

Database is the place where the data is taken as a base and managed to get avialable fast and efficient access.

Dataware house is the place where the application data is managed for analysis and reporting purposes.

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dw is also a database but the purpose is for business analysis.

in general a database is a reservior having operational data needed for daily business and they are ever changing. since the new data is always overwriting the old one there is no way to compare the change in data this is wer a dw comes in picture. dw has historical datas and the current data so comparison becomes very easy for business analysis.

ds is a tool for ETL.

ETL tools: informatica, ds junction, abinitio,ds,cognos, etc

reporting: cognos, bo, etc

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  • Dec 14th, 2006

DB and DWH, Both support application data storage, access and retrieval of data but only DWH support Decision making and Business intelligence.

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b siva pratap

  • Jan 1st, 2007


database is used to store the current data,this is the basic process of every company.by using database we dont know what is next

database means which provides the data.

dwh is used to maintain the historical data,due to this historical data business user can take desicions.

dwh takes the data from database.








  • May 5th, 2007

Technically database and dw are same, because data warehouse is also based on database.
Database is the basic tool for data warehouse, data warehouse is more of a concept.
In the aspect of the content, they are different, because data warehouse has more historical data and oriented for data analysis.
Data warehouse sometimes contains the concept of data modelling as well, which is based on data warehouse, and utilizing the multidimensional star schema for fastening the analytical procedure.


  • May 22nd, 2007

Database is used for transactional purporse, it is volatile in nature i.e values changes in database
Dataware house is used to store historical data, it is non-volatile in nature.

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  • Jul 10th, 2007


  It store data in the form of tables,if u want to access data by giveing query,u can retrive data from the database.


 Def:- It is subject oriented,historical,timely variented,integrated and collection of data is called datawarehouse.

 It is one type of techonolgy.

 In this data call as Dimensions and useful for Anaysis and Reporting purpose.
 It contains complete data like past and present based on OLTP systems.

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Normally Database is used for storing the data in the form of tables. And the table will be updated or overwritten depending upon the business requirement.

DataWare house DataBase is used for query and analysis i.e the data is never deleted. We can compare the old data as more and more data added .


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  • Jul 23rd, 2007

Database is the place where the data is taken as a base and managed to get avialable fast and efficient access.

Dataware house is the place where the application data is managed for analysis and reporting purposes.

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Database is collection of inter related data. It is a storege place where the data is taken place. DWH is typical relational database. It is used for anlysing and quering business reqirements. It maintains historical data. Data stage is a temporary storage area where transformation is held. These are the famous tools used for DWH ETL and reports. Here we use 3 architecture models in DWH, star schema, snowflake, integrated schema.

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I will explain difference between data base and dataware house in the language of layman. Data base is like a market from where you can buy any product but data ware house is like a big store like Kmart, SEARS  where Every thing which is there is according to the need of surrounding people. Here in this big store all products are according to the need of customers  in arranged manner. All sections are clearly indicating the category of items. Its very easy for customers to grab what they need. same is here in data ware house. We usually bring the required data which is needed for the particular bussiness and it fulfilled the  requirements of business. We use different Bussiniess intellegence tools to extact the data e-g cognos

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Ans: -- A database is an organized collection of information. -- A data warehouse is a very large database with special sets of tools to extract and cleanse data from operational systems and to analyze data. -- A data mart is a focused subset of a data warehouse that deals with a single area of data and is organized for quick analysis.

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The differences are
Database hold current data
Stores detailed data
Data is dynamic,
Repetitive processing,
High level of transaction throughput,
Predictable patter of usage
Application-oriented and
Support day-to-day decision

While data warehouse holds historical data,
Stores detailed, lightly and highly summarized data
Data is largely static,
Medium to low level of transaction throughput,
Unpredictable pattern of usage,
Analysis driven,
Subject-oriented and support strategic decisions

The main advantages
of data warehouse are
1- High query performance
2- Queries not visible outside warehouse
Local processing at sources unaffected
4- Can operate when source unavailable
Can query data not stored in DBMS

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  • Sep 3rd, 2009

Database: A database is used to record, retrieve, update business transactions which are occurred daily in business life. Data ware House: A data warehouse is used to record historical data, purely for analysis purpose for top management.

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  • Feb 28th, 2010

Database is the root of any data releted operations where as datawarehousing is a schema or process how effectively we access or utilize a database. Datawarehousing follows the star schema and snowflake schema as its basic schemas and we two other schemas also which are not much important.

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