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Difference between Execute, Execute Query, Execute Update and Execute Batch.

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jan 23rd, 2006
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Prasad Meduri

Answered On : Feb 16th, 2006

Exceute is issued on Command object.It can execute any DDL or DML operation ( query is written as in the process of preparation of command)ExecuteQuery is normally used to exeute a query and fetch the recordset based on that query.( 100% its used with select query)ExecuteUpdate is used for any DML query operations( Insert,Update and Delete)Try this.

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Answered On : Mar 2nd, 2006

HI,I am getting Automation error System could not find the specified file  on using Executeupdate for updating oracle.Divya

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Answered On : Mar 6th, 2006

1.who implement home and remote interfaces?2.why do we need home and rermote interfaces in Ejb?3.can we connect bean without home and remote interfaces?4.when we use sessionbeans and when we use Entitybeans?5.Explain strutsflow?6.If I used struts,jsp,servlets and ejb in some project.please tell the flow of this one? 

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Mohan Brundavanam

Answered On : Jul 7th, 2006

Execute : It returns boolean valueExecuteQuery:it returns resultsetExecuteUpdate :It returns integer

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Answered On : Mar 4th, 2009

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Never seen in oracle

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Answered On : Aug 1st, 2011

Does it return only integer?

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