What is Hyperion? Is it an OLAP tool? what is the difference between OLAP and ETL tools? What is the future for OLAP and ETL market for the next five years?

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  • Jan 29th, 2006

What is Hyperion?

- Its an Business Intelligence tools. Like Brio which was an independent product bought over my Hyperion has converted this product name to Hyperion Intelligence.

Is it an OLAP tool?

- Yes. You can analyse data schemas using this tools.

OLAP: Its an online analytical processing tool. There are various products available for data analysis.

ETL: Extract , Transform and Load. This is a product to extract the data from multiple/single source transform the data and load it into a a table,flatfile or simply a target.

There is a quite a bit compitation in the market with regard to the ETL product as well as the OLAP products. These tools would definately be widely used for data load and data analysis purpose. 


  • May 28th, 2006

There r only 2 ways available to get data from a datawarehouse or a database.one is using sql statement and other method is using an OLAP tool(ex:cognos, business objects.....)So Hyperion is an example for a OLAP tool. ETL is a process of Extracting data from a source systems(a system where client's transactional business information resides) and performing business logic(applying TRANSFORMATION rules) on the collected source information(business logic depends on business requirements), and LOADING the precise data into a warehouse(propably a relational database). OLAP comes into picture after ETL developers design the warehouse........by using olap tools a business user can generate standard reports(without having sql knowledge he can do this)

Om Prakash Bang

  • Sep 21st, 2006

Hyperion ia a Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performanc Management (BPM ) Tool.  Its a market leader in Financial, Operational and Strategic Planning. It is having applications for Planning, consolidation, scorecarding, reporting, dashboards, Analysis, Workspace, Master Data Management and Foundation.

ETL Tools is for Extracting source data, Transforming as required and Loading into DW. it is first part of DW. Now large fact and dimension tables are in DW. If you have to generate crosstab report from these tables, it will take very long time. So these DW tables are transformed into Cubes and stored in OLAP Server. Any Report Generation, Analysis is done on these... Cubes are having pre agreegated values and hence Report Generation will be much faster.

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  • Jul 18th, 2007

Hyperion has different modules such as essbase, interactive reporting, financial reporting and production reporting. Each tool has its own functionality. Hyprion interactive reporting and essbase are OLAP tools.

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