Given two tables Student(SID, Name, Course) and Level(SID, level) write the SQL statement to get the name and SID of the student who are taking course = 3 and at freshman level?

SELECT, Student.SIDFROM Student, LevelWHERE Student.SID = Level.SIDAND Level.Level = "freshman"AND Student.Course = 3;

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  • Dec 10th, 2005

select Name,SID from student

where Course=3 and SID in ( select SID from Level where Level='freshman' )

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Asheesh pandey

  • Dec 26th, 2005

I think this is the right answer of the above query:

SELECT, Student.SID FROM Student, Level

WHERE Student.SID = Level.SID
AND Level.Level = "freshman"
AND Student.Course = 3;

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