What is non-regression testing? what is the difference between regression and non-regression testing? what is the need for non-regression testing any example?

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  • Jan 9th, 2006

 there is no word like non regression, but  it means normal testing of an application..

so normal testing is testing the application.

regression testing is to check whether the old functionality is not affected by the new modifications ,,,,,,

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  • Jan 10th, 2006

Regression testing means after the bug is tracked and found while testing we communicate with the developer giving the details like testcase id,line number and priority .The development team tracks and views and changes the code insuch a way that it doesn't effect the rest of the code.  

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Deepa Ramalingam

  • Jun 15th, 2006

this following context can give some idea abt non - regression testing

  • Localization testing: The program is modified to present its user interface in a different language and/or following a different set of cultural rules. Localization testing may involve several old tests (some of which have been modified to take into account the new language) along with several new (non-regression) tests.
  • regression testing :Involves executing test cases that have been executed before. The purpose of regression testing is to verify that modifications in the software or the environment have not caused unintended adverse side effects and that the system still meets it requirements.

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    • Oct 6th, 2006

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    Saril Priappan

    • Aug 12th, 2007

    Non-regression testing is used when components of the systems
    evolve or when new components (and functionality) are added to the system. It aims at asserting both that changes are correct and that no regression bugs appear in the system due to the recent evolution. Generally, previous test sequences are launched to guarantee that the system has not regressed in terms of testing quality.
    The test plan specifies the components to be tested
    after an evolution or a modification of a component (or a set of components) of the system

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    Non Regression testing means only testing.Regression testing means the testing the application again and again in tow scenarios.

    (i)When any defects are found by tester and rectified by developer and start testing again ,tester has to focus on the defect functionality as well as related  old functionality.

    (ii) When the changes are incorporated into the application the tester has to test the new functionality as well as the related old functionality in order to check the related old functionality remain same.

    Always a tester performs Testing (Non regression testing).If at all any defects are identified then he has to perform Regression Testing.

    Chitta ...

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