Briefly, would you summarize your work history & education for me?

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  • May 5th, 2005

Plan to tell min.3-4 minutes for this question.  
First tell about ur higher education (where, when, branch etc.), then about ur 1st company, nature of work (ie. role played by u, experiences, work atmosphere) and then about ur current company (domain, role, experiences, work atmosphere etc).

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  • May 5th, 2005

MCA : Master In Computer Applications 
I have done in Bangalore. PESIT  
1997 - 2000. 
Branch : MCA 
1st Company : 
Name : GaeaSoft Pvt Ltd. 
Nature Of Work : Writing code and Testing. 
I have played TeamMember. 
Work Atmosphere : Co-operative. 
Current Company: 
TATA Consultency Services. 
Domain : Banking and Finance 
Role : Team Member 
Expericence: 4 Years 
Work Atmosphere : Very Gud. 

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  • Jun 12th, 2006

Master in computer application 1993-96

1st company Cdi consultant usa for 6yrs

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  • Jul 31st, 2008

Greeting:           Hi, Hello


Name:              ……………………………….

Qualification     Start with your last qualification like MBA, MCA, so on….


About the present job: 


                                    Name of the Company

                                    Designation / Working period                           

Nature of work / Job responsibilities

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