If we remove web.config or machine.config from the application then, Is this application will works?

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  • Dec 7th, 2005

No.I think the application will never work and there is a danger that some others applications might not work.Because the machine.config is the main file where u define the system settings.


  • Jan 13th, 2006

frist of the webconfig will for a particlular web appln where as the macinre config for the whole system if ur gioing to remove the amchine or chaning the contents of machine config then the asp.net appln will not runif we r going to delete the web config then then that patriclar appln will not run


  • Jan 13th, 2006

no it will not run web config will be for that paticlur aplln whereas the manchine .config will for the whole machine

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Suresh P

  • Jan 19th, 2006

If we remove the web.config file from the application it will work.

unless it doesnt have the things like connectionstring etc.

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  • Mar 23rd, 2006

No , it wont work . And an error message will be displayed as  "Error while trying to run project:unable to start debugging on the webserver. The project is not configuredto be debugged. "  The web.config file contains nested sections marked by tags.It contains the <compilation> tag which marks the beginning of the <compilation> section.

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  • Jul 20th, 2006

what ever rama devi has written is correct.

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  • Jul 26th, 2006

If we remove web.config, the application will work provided the application does not use any settings from web.config file.If we remove machine.config file, no application in .net (i.e) neither windows nor web apps will work

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  • Aug 22nd, 2006

As per Ramadevi. This will give error if we use visual studio to compile the application. If we compile the application through comand prompt this will work in following conditions.

       We should not depend on the web.config file for any reference.


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  • Sep 27th, 2006

if you remove the web.config file the website will still work. when you press F5 it will prompt you for the web.config file and if you press Crtl + F5 then it will not complile. It also will successfuly publish the site.

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edara satish

  • Sep 28th, 2006

No, if we remove it wont work. Because the total progress and the compilation, running of the application will be started from the web.config only. It contains the information like where the assemblies links or references are maintained and they start from this file..

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Don't run application from vs.net with just IIS as realtime scenario then

If you remove web.config it will run normally with the condition u r not accessing any thing from web.config

If you remove machine.config all application of that server it will stop to work.

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  • Dec 16th, 2006

If we remove Web.config file from application still application can work if web.config file dose not contain information like Connectionstring, the only reason is that when the web.config file is not present the Machin.config file will be used but if we remove machin.config file no Asp.net application will work because of lack of Machin level configurations

Padam Kumar Tripathi

  • Jan 31st, 2007

1. If we remove web.config then application will work normally (web.config does not contain connection settings, compilation settings etc) and it will contain settings of machine.conifg.
2. If we remove machine.config then no application will work.

M B Gopi Chand

  • Sep 12th, 2007

Application will run if we delete web.config file but we cannot debug the application.

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  • May 26th, 2008

However, if you remove machine.config, then your all applications resides on that particular server will not work coz machine.config has all the settings of ASP.Net Framework and so with the web.congif but it will affect your application part only

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  • Jul 23rd, 2008

If we remove web.config and it does not contain the connection string ,our application will be run but if we remove machine.config then no one application will work on that system.

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sharad gupta

  • Sep 8th, 2011

If we remove web.config, the application will work provided the application does not use any settings from web.config file. eq. we have to comment out System.Linq name space because web.config file contains Linq settings.

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If you remove web.config file the app will work provided that no connection string setting etc and other dependant dll. references is configured.

if you remove machine.config the app will not run

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  • Jan 6th, 2012

Without web.config file, the application will be run but you cant debug.

Without machine.config file, you wont be run application because by default asp.net application used machine.config file settings.

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Karthick Harkanchi

  • Jun 5th, 2018

Yes, we can run an Asp.Net web application without web.config file but without in debugging mode. If we dont configure any settings in web.config file then it consider machine.config file as default configuration.Machine.config file contains default settings for all the asp.net web applications which will be applied to all asp.net applications.

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