What are the benefits of creating multiple actions within any virtual user script?

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Arunkumar Y.A

  • Apr 4th, 2005

Reasuability. Repeatability, Reliability

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I dont know how far this will be applicable to this question. But from my real time experience, if your code goes beyond 1 lakhs lines of code, LR gives complilation error (basically it will not compile). Then we have to break down into multiple actions.



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  • Sep 13th, 2006

Recording script in different actions is easy to maintain. For example; You record the script,but after few days, there is some change in the application and you need to update in your script, so instead of reviewing your complete script in one action and search of that particular line where change needs to be done, you can select particular action/transaction and make the changes.

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  • Oct 5th, 2006

It is good practice to use multiple actions esp if the script is reasonably large. It is like devide and conquer principle

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  • May 7th, 2007

Multiple actions are defined in single action section. One scenario will cover multiple actions to generate the script based on business process.

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I believe, before we create scripts we normally prepare automation test plan, in that we define the scenario and its framework. And the framework will have the detail plan about the actions, that we are going to have for each scenario.
For example : if i have to add, edit and delete an employee, which is my scenario, this scenario has got three action, before add an employee i have log in, its another login action and after deleting the employee i have to log out, its another action. so totally i have 5 actions like 


so based on the plan i will created the script accordingly.


 I feel multiple actions scenario occur when we want to import actions from other vuser scripts.The vuser types should be same in this case.The benefit would be avoiding to write the same code again.

Select Actions > Import Action into Vuser.

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Used correctly you would have a modular isolation of each of the steps required in the Use Case to perform the tested function so you will have not only a over performance data but a clear breakdown of each step



  • Jul 21st, 2009

These sub-actions can be blocked to create different scenarios. this increases reusability of recordings.

For example, the single action of reserving a flight is a collection of following actions.
2. Reserve flight
3. Check flight confirmation
4. Log off

These actions can be used in following scenarios.
Scenario 1 - Login, reserve flight, log off
Scenario 2 - Login, check flight confirmation, log off

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  • Mar 14th, 2014

If we are creating multiple actions means we can use again and again that action without recording it.i.e.,Reusability.And also some times one script need to run one time and another script need to run for multiple times then we have to create multiple actions and to record these scripts.for eg.,login,logout any user can do one time but middle tasks will do multiple times.so in such case we need to create multiple actions.


  • Sep 2nd, 2014

I would say even its easy in debugging.When we are creating the actions with the name that we can understand that what we have recorded in the script.Then if there is any error occurs.We can easily troubleshoot and find the root cause in a small piece of code and shorter span of time.Rather than debugging the whole script.

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