How to find that tools work well with your existing system?

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  • Apr 1st, 2005

To find this, select the suite of tests which are most important for your application. First run them with automated tool. Next subject the same tests to careful manual testing. If the results are coinciding you can say your testing tool has been performing its job well.

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  • Jul 17th, 2007

I think you can select the tools that is according to the software.

For example
1.the Robot is based on VB Script, this automation tool is suitable to VB application.
2.The LoadRunner is suitable to test the performance of web application.
3.The Rational Function Tester is  suitable to test the java application.

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  • Jul 27th, 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about few things regarding the automation tools

As other answers indicates, if you buy a tool and then automate the application and if you feel that it is not suitable. by that time management might have spent some amount to buy it and you might have wasted lot of human efforts on it. then if you ask management to get new tool? how management would react on it?

So, before selecting the automation tool, you have to work out few things

1) First see what type of application you are developing. for example Web based or client/server, Java based or .net/Vb based application. or some other application which wad SAP, mainframe application etc...

2) What is the enahance ment chances for the application?

3) Is the application more complex or simpe... what type database used as back end

4) what is the management status. like.. up to what budget management can effort to buy the automation tool?

5) How much time takes to learn the tool and team can be leant

6) go for a online R&D and see the market preferences and select few tools and go for complete R & D and get the differences between the top ranked automated tools

7) for example.. Mercury QTP, Rational Robo etc.. go through each and every tool documents and work on trail version with the demos help and find the difficulties in those tools

8) Then prepare a report on the tools and ask the selected tea members to go through the report and ask them to interact with tools and get the feed backs

9) Try to get the opinions of the companies who are already using them

10) With all the better posibilities and +ve points make a report and submit to the management and give a demo to explain them why we need to go for that particluar tool

11) Now get the approval of the managemet and order the tool n work on it

12) Now also if you feel that,  this tool is not that much useful. then in future while going for new tools... you have to consider all the aboce points and more things which u gained based on ur experience with the existing tool

Finally i can say

-- Tool should be more userfriendly
-- Tool should be in the management's budget
-- Easy to learn and implement
-- Should have good customer support when ever we encounter any technical issues with the tool
-- Automation tool provider should provide basic support when we buy it. Like.. installation.. configuration support, basic trainig etc...

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