How to configure DHCP server?

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  • Dec 22nd, 2005

DHCP Is A Server Service.

Before Installation Of DHCP,We should install DNS & Active Directory In Server Only

Assigning IP Address to Clients


  • Mar 24th, 2006

For Configuring DHCP  1stly u need 2 have one static IP Address. Win2000/2003 server, DNS Service should be stared for Replication. After meeting minimum requirements go to Network services in control panel and install DHCP service.

    For configure DHCP u need to first choose which ip range u want to assign for your Network. Before that u need to authorize dhcp server in Active Directory. After that u need to create pool of ip address that is scope. It also need to activate.

And finally  Installing DHCP is easy.  Authorizing and Activating are straightforward.  The toughest part is investigating all the Scope options and decide whether to implement them at the Server or Scope leve

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  • May 29th, 2006

DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

this service is used to assign IP addresses to systems in a network.

If in the case of Internet, your system's IP address is assigned automatically by your ISP coz u need to assign an IP address which is not in use and that is well known by your ISP using this service..

1.Check out in the Properties dailog box, you can see the check box marked as "Assign IP address automaticaly" if you make use of Internet.

2.In the case of a local network u can assign an IP address manually.


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  • May 13th, 2007

You should have a Active Directory then follow the below process:

Start-> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components -> Select Networking services -> goto Details -> Check Box DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol -> ok -> ok -> ok -> Next -> Finish.

Then you have to goto programs -> Admin tools -> DHCP -> then create a new scope and assign range of IP address which will assign to the clients automatically through Dora Process.

Please correct me if i am wrong


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  • May 22nd, 2007

Answer depends on the device in QCisco Router: IP DHCP. Cable Modem: depends on model; refer manual
Windows Systems: see above Linux Systems: DHCPD.conf file located in /etc/dhcp/ ... then turn on DHCPD service.

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mohammed zakir samdani

  • Sep 4th, 2007

first check dhcp option from start menu if dhcp available in ur start menu then select dhcp and create a new scope type the ip address range & reserve some I.P address for Managing Director, Asst manager & boss. after that client side log on as administrator go to my network palace properties and select tcp/ip properties select obtain ip & obtain dns after that click repair ip address will be automatically provided back side of this process dhcp run process

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  • Sep 8th, 2007

Sheela you are absolutely right, A DHCP server configured in a n/w for assigning IP address dynamically to the clients without interaction between server to user and you have to first install A.D. then your step.

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  • Oct 17th, 2007

Can I click start then run and type DHCP, I think this easy process.

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In Wndows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition

1. Put the CD of OS in the CD -Rom drive
2. Go to add remove programs from control panel or start -run- type appwiz.cpl and press enter key

Select networking services go to details and check the dynamic host configuration protocol. click next and finish the installation.

Start - run - dchpmgmt.msc or strart -programgs- administrative tools - click on dhcp

Configure the scope as per requirement.

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  • Sep 9th, 2011

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

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Vijay Sharma

  • Nov 10th, 2011

How To Install and Configure a DHCP Server :

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