What is the connection between socket and session?

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  • Dec 11th, 2006

Socket is a physical port thru were the data is transfered from .

Session is a logical connection for the data to transfer

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  • Dec 17th, 2006

The Socket is a Combination of Ip address and Port Number (in pairs)

Session is a Logical Connectivity between the source and destination 

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  • Oct 16th, 2007

A Socket is a communication end-point unique to a machine communicating on an IP-based network. A socket is composed of:a. Protocol - TCP / UDP / raw IPb. Local IP address. Local Portd. Remote IP address. Remote port.The remote address can be any valid IP address, or for a listening socket, or for a broadcasting socket.Sockets can be implemented over any transport protocol.A Session is a connection between a user (or user agent) and a peer (typically a server) using the session layer of a networking protocol (e.g. telnet, ftp).Thanks.

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