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can we modify the data in flat file?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 20th, 2005
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ravikumar guturi

Answered On : Oct 4th, 2005


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Answered On : Oct 28th, 2005

Manually Yes.

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Answered On : Nov 4th, 2005


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Answered On : Nov 23rd, 2005


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Madhav Adireddi

Answered On : Jan 15th, 2006

Can you please explian how to do this without modifying the flat file manually?

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Answered On : Jan 23rd, 2006

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Just open the text file with notepad, change what ever you want (but datatype should be the same)Cheerssithu

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ravi kumar guturi

Answered On : Mar 10th, 2006

Yes by open a text file and edit

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Answered On : Aug 17th, 2006

You can generate a flat file with program....mean not manually.

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Answered On : Apr 2nd, 2008

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Let's not discuss about manually modifying the data of flat file.Let's assume that the target is a flat file. I want to update the data in the flat file target based on the input source rows. Like we use update strategy/ target properties in case of relational targets for update; do we have any options in the session or maaping to perform a similar task for a flat file target?I have heard about the append option in INFA 8.x. This may be helpful for incremental load in the flat file.But this is not a workaround for updating the rows.Please post your views.

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Noel Lastra

Answered On : Apr 9th, 2008

You can modify the flat file using shell scripting in unix ( awk, grep, sed ).Hope this helps.

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Answered On : Jul 18th, 2011

The update transformation/strategy uses the concept of keys, in order to update the target table. As flat file do not have any Keys defined on it, it is not possible to update the target,. which is a flat file.

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