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Difference between Primary Key and Aggregate Key?

Asked by: Beena | Member Since Sep-2005 | Asked on: Sep 19th, 2005

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Answered On : Oct 7th, 2005

its is not aggregate it is the alternate key primary key : the column which is used for thr unique identification of a record from a table is called the primary key alternate key : a column which is used for unique identification but not a primary key is called the alternate key

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Answered On : Aug 3rd, 2006

aggregate fact tables have two types of keys-composite key-serrogate key (system generated key)So aggregate-key is a primary key

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primary key:is a key on ( 1  or group of columns) used to identify a record uniquely.builds clustered index automaticallyAlternate key:is a key which is a unique key but not a primary clustered index builds automaticallysurrogate key:Its a another name for primary or altername key, if created on surrogate column(a column inserted artificially i.e. identity column).

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