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why multiple inheritance using classes is disadvantage in java

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 12th, 2005
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Answered On : Sep 15th, 2005

Java does'nt provide multiple inheritance.We can't use like C++.But we can implement multiple inheritance by Interface.We can't say its disadvantage but this is one kind of reusability.

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Devidas Sonawane

Answered On : Oct 27th, 2005

Like C++ we can't inherite classes in java b'coz variables and methods ambiguity, but by using interface we can overcome that kind of problems easily and safely.

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Answered On : Apr 7th, 2006

First of all class doesnot support multiple inheritance consider class A as superclass class B and C are sub class of A.comment : class cannot extend more than one class think class D extends B and cthe method present in class A,B,C are alike if u call a method in class d we don't know which method we are calling either A or B or c,There accorss Diamond problem and method ambuguity

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Answered On : Sep 14th, 2008

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Let's take two classes say class A and class Bclass A{   doSomething(){     //the fun code goes here...}}class B{    doSomething(){    //serious code goes here}}class C extends A extends B // let's assume for a minute, Java permitted Multiple                                                  Inheritence{doSomething();   //which method will it call? the method present in A or B? }

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Answered On : Sep 17th, 2008

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Let us analyze this in real world OO model:Can a puppy(small dog) extends Cow and Dog? It should be only puppy extends Dog, not both. Puppy(small dog) can't have charectrestics of Cow and Dog

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A.Bava Bahrudeen

Answered On : Sep 17th, 2011

Multiple inheritance does not support in java. Because, ambiguity has been involved in the multiple inheritance in C++ language. That means, a class access the same properties of more than one class. This is ambiguity and it is the main drawback of this concept. Therefore Java developers overcome this concept has been implemented by using interface to avoid ambiguity.

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Answered On : Mar 13th, 2012

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Java is build based on concept of no multiple inher to avoid memory usage and ambiguity too

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